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Welcome to Web Air Beds.
Let me introduce you to the "Feather Edge Air Support System"
so come on in, take a look around and start planning for the sleep you deserve.

Feather Edge Adjustable Air Bed Mattress

100% Made In America

UL Listed Inflator Deflator - Reliable - Crafted with Pride in U.S.A

Quickest Installation - No Tools Required - Widest Adjustment Range Fastest Adjusting
Quietest - Safest - Most Reliable - Made In USA

(Feather Edge Adjustable Air Bed Mattresses)

Some other may have

Widest range of adjustment available.  Air chamber  is 7" deep, almost twice the depth of other available styles.   4" shallow depth mattress gives small range of adjustment. Bottoms out easily.
Heavy duty inflatable quality high molecular weight 24 mil pvc self extinguishing air mattress, 100% made in the usa. Most safe.
  Imported cloth backed rubber mattress. 
Elastic pvc conforms to the body to relieve pressure points and provide full support.   Cloth backed rubber does not conform to the body in an elastic caressing manner as elastic PVC is able to.
Dual pumps give you the quickest, quietest adjusting bed available (2-10 seconds).   Can be a single pump. Remotely located. Longer time to adjust. (1-2 minutes) 
Extra long control cord allows use at either end of the bed. Attached control can't be misplaced. Easy to find in the middle of the night.   Remote control can be misplaced. Must hunt for it in the middle of the night.
Integrated air pumps built into sides of the bed to provide quick adjustment. No cumbersome hoses and wires.   Separate air pump located on the floor where hoses and wires can become disconnected.
Industry's finest air pump. Our air pumps are ul listed. Made in the USA. Assures quality and safety.   Sometimes not UL listed. Foreign made. Questionable safety, performance and reliability.
Egret and phoenix have removable tops for easy set up and cleaning.

Varies with different models

Specially designed comfort pad (egret & phoenix only) increases support, decreases pressure points and incorporates a vapor barrier to prevent mildew. May be placed under chambers for an extra firm range of adjustment.

Varies, no vapor barrier

100% Made In The U.S.A.   Imported Parts.
Quick installation. No tools required.   Tools needed.
Warranty; 20 Years Total - For the first three years you receive 100% coverage on parts.    100% Coverage only available for a short duration of time. 




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